“We started breaking because it fit our personality, not because we needed to find one.” (Mohammed Iro)

Breaking was born in the early 70s in New York in the Bronx, it is one of the four founding disciplines of hip-hop culture. It allows you to acquire good management of your body, sense of rhythm and express your artistic flair. It is a tool for participation and exchange between young people from different socio-cultural backgrounds and a valuable tool for informal education.
This discipline promotes sociability, empathy, respect for others.
In the breaking courses we offer a dance training in direct relationship with hip-hop music, modulating the expressive and spectacular level according to a coordinated movement and an acrobatic evolution.



The aim of the course is to introduce the student to the basics of the key elements of Breaking such as, toprock, go down, footwork, freeze and powermove. Conveying the values and history of Hip Hop culture.



This course is aimed at all those who already have a good knowledge of Breaking and who want to consolidate their style by learning to structure their own breaking. To convey the notions of the appropriate attitude in different areas (Cypher, Battle).



This course is intended for those who have a good knowledge of all the elements and want to improve themselves, working on the concepts of freestyle, musicality, originality. Paronamics on strengthening and balance exercises. Sharing experiences in international competitions and in the professional field.

Ogni nuovo anno porta con sè una serie di avvenimenti importanti e a tal proposito il mese di gennaio siprospetta generoso per tutti i b.boys/b.girls desiderosi di mostrare le proprie skills sul pavimento. FloorWars Italy e World B.boy Classic Italy Qualifier, due tra le più importanti competizioni organizzate inItalia aventi un forte richiamo internazionale, quest’anno


Street is culture oggi intervista una delle figure iconiche della scena HipHop milanese, BBoy, Dj e padre di famiglia. Dal leggendario Muretto di Milano e dalla crew Natural Force, Twice! Presentati Ciao a tutti mi chiamo Ivan C. aka Twice di Milano Come ti sei avvicinato alla cultura HipHop?… Mi sono avvicinato alla cultura hip


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