We want to stimulate you to grow in your passions, to change the school, the city, and perhaps even the world, starting from each of you. We want to bring the school back to the city, and we want to spread the culture of street arts in schools. We are the only multidisciplinary reality in Italy that teaches you to be what you dream of being, body and mind united in a new teaching method capable of bringing school to the hearts of students and transforming sport and art into a moment of human and sustainable redevelopment of the city.

Street is Culture [SIC] is the first multidisciplinary reality in Italy, which aims to get to the urban fabric, from the suburbs to the cities, starting from the Schools and generating youth aggregation points.

One of the main purposes of Street is Culture is the social commitment aimed at contrasting the rampant phenomenon of micro-delinquency, bullying and addictions, precisely in the metropolitan youth groups: alienation, solitude, absence of stimuli and real and tangible reference points. The established and growing popularity of Street Arts makes them an invitation tailored for young people to socialize and learn in a safe and motivating environment.

The In-School project offers a different educational offer through a structured, educational and recreational program, as well as workshops, events, open days, campuses and competitions within school centers and youth aggregation centers. Street is Culture instructors are recognized nationally and internationally, not only for their athletic performances, but also for their educational experience, certified by the major sports bodies. For this reason, they are positive models, prepared to train young people to perseverance and listening, to follow their passions, through teamwork with a professional, fair and consistent approach.

The program is divided into several modules oriented and aimed at an integral development of the individual. Each course is structured in differentiated level classes in which groups of peers led by an instructor participate. The achievement of the objectives is assessed through a system for monitoring and rewarding the progress made, both by the instructor and by the community itself.

The courses of the urban disciplines to be carried out in the best way, foresee a basic module of 3 months, with 1 day of lessons per week of 1.5 hours each, for a total of 12 total dates, but packages can be formulated customized according to each specific need. The age groups for participation in the courses are:
7-12 years / 13-17 years / 18+ years.

Each teacher can follow a maximum of 15 students, in case of higher attendance another teacher will be assisted.