Educational Urban Experience is a sporting and cultural event linked to Street Style disciplines, with the aim of promoting, in addition to sporting-competitive entertainment, the social and creative teaching of the disciplines.

One of the main purposes of Street is Culture is the commitment aimed at contrasting the rampant phenomenon of micro-delinquency, bullying and addictions, precisely in the metropolitan youth groups: alienation, loneliness, absence of stimuli and real and tangible reference points. This also through the offer of a project aimed at the redevelopment and urban regeneration of all degraded areas and abandoned spaces, unfortunately present within each city.
In addition to offering an Educational Program made up of Courses, Open Days and Campuses, Schools and Youth Centers, Street is Culture also proposes itself as organizer and promoter of the Educational Urban Experience event, a whole day for young and very young people. , but also to their families, where they can practice and approach all street disciplines: skateboarding, parkour, blading, street art, djing, bmx, streetball. The event is designed for all Municipalities and Regions of Italy, designed for public places, squares, sports halls or streets.
Participation in the Educational Urban Experience by the Institutions is a forward-looking example of how to promote positive values, the same as Street is Culture, concretely offering all children the opportunity to practice the exciting disciplines for the first time and get into street culture for a whole day.
During the event, the National Educational Program will be presented which will be activated in each Municipality and Region concerned.

All participants will be able to exercise the skills acquired in the various disciplines, receive individual coaching and take part in a variety of activities designed to socialize and improve the mind, body and well-being.

Our campuses, in collaboration with local, provincial and regional authorities, are built in safe spaces and controlled by expert instructors and educators. They will take care of the kids by making them have fun with recreational and sporting activities of great interest, aimed at the growth and acquisition of something new every day.

The weekly program is created in order to alternate moments of aggregation and leisure, with moments of practice and teaching, in which everyone is free to participate by practicing and changing the different street disciplines presented on the same day.