We want a new world. We want a new school. We want a new city.
We want to teach how to become new people, to change schools, cities, and perhaps even the world starting from each one of you. We want to bring school back to the city, and we want to spread the culture of Street Arts in schools to teach you to be what you dream of being, body and mind united in a new teaching method capable of bringing school to the hearts of students and transforming sports and art in a moment of human and sustainable redevelopment for the city.

Street is Culture [SIC], is an Amateur Sports Association based in Milan with a team of over 120 certified instructors throughout Italy and with various operating units also in Europe, created to promote and spread Street Culture through the disciplines: Parkour , Skateboard, Blanding, BMX, breaking, Streetball, Street Art and Djing. The first multi-disciplinary reality in Italy, which aims to get to the urban fabric, from the suburbs to the cities, starting from the Schools and generating youth aggregation points.
Street is Culture is a varied team of professionals, from the best teachers and sports performers, to experts in organizing and managing events.

One of the main purposes of Street is Culture is the commitment aimed at contrasting the rampant phenomenon of micro-delinquency, bullying and addictions, precisely in the metropolitan youth groups: alienation, solitude, absence of stimuli and real and tangible reference points. This also through the offer of a project aimed at the redevelopment and urban regeneration of all degraded areas and abandoned spaces, unfortunately present within each city.
Street is Culture was awarded the best social project during the Love Festival created by Sorgenia Spa to celebrate its twentieth year of activity. Thanks to the support of Sorgenia on 5 October 2019, we organized a public event in Piazza Duca D’Aosta, with a turnout of 5,000 people, sponsored by the Municipality of Milan.
Thanks to the collaboration with ACLI Lombardia, we have included our courses within the ENAIP schools.

"The established and growing popularity of street disciplines shows that the time has come to act and that young people are ready. They want to socialize, learn while having fun and share through the practice of sports, capable of conveying positive and educational models, in environments with For these reasons, the desire to establish the first Street Academy in Italy was born, through a preparatory path of communication and promotion of events that will accompany the entire development process. "